The commissioners

Chairperson, Professor Abdallah Ahmad AbdallahProf.-Abdallah-Ahmad-Abdall1

Prof Abdallah graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum in 1958. He holds Msc and PHD in Agriculture from the University of California, DAVIS, USA. he was a Professor at the University of Khartoum in 1974 andVice-Chancellor (President) University of Khartoum from 1975-1977. then he was appointed as  the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources from 1977-1980. He worked also as a Governer of the Northern Region in Sudan 1980-1985 and then as Ambassador to the United States of America from 1990-1993. He was the Chairman, Council, University of Khartoum 1980-1985 and Chairman, Council at the University of Wadi El Nil 1995-2000, Chairman, Council at the University of Upper Nile. He holds an Honorary Doctorate degree from the University of Khartoum and the University of Aljazeera.


Deputy Chairperson, Professor Mukhtar Al Assam


Prof. Al Assam holds a PHD Master degree Britain, B.Sc Honors University of Khartoum, he was deputy minister, leader of Parliament and Chairman of Decentralization Committee. he was Chairman of UN conference of “Decentralization for Development”. Director of University of Khartoum Master degree programme, School of Buisness and Electrical Engineering, UAE 1999-2002. He worked also as an Advisor government of Abu Dhabi 1995-2003. Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Medical Science and Technology. Dean of Garden City University for Science and Technology, 2008-2010.



Dr.Mahasen-Haj-ElsafiCommissioner, Dr.Mahasin Haj Alsafi

Dr. Mahasen is an Associate Professor of Modern African History – Faculty of Arts at the University of Khartoum, she is Deputy Chair at the Sudan Council for Foreign Relations and member of the Executive Committee of the Greater Horizon Forum / UNESCO / Dijoubti. she is a Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Khartoum 200-2004 and Dean of Faculty of Arts at Omdurman Ahlia University since 2005.



Abdallah-Balla-Hardallo1Commissioner, Abdallah Balla Hardallo

Commissioner Abdallah Hardallo born in Gadarif town, he is graduated from the Sudan Police College, LLB, El Ribat National University. He served in several police departments in Khartoum and other states, left the police services in the rank of Lt. General, in 1990 he was appointed as Ambassador to India till 1995.



Alhadi-Mohamed-AhmedCommissioner, Alhadi Mohamed Ahmed

Commissioner Alhadi holds a diploma from the College of Police, LLB, El Ribat National University. He was the Chief of police at the Sudan Railways Corporation and Chief of police in the Cordofan State, he was the Chief of Civil Defense Department. he retired in the rank of Lt. General (Police)




Dr.Jalal-Mohamed-AhmedSecretariat General, Dr.Jalal Mohamed Ahmed

Dr. Jalal holds a BA and diploma of Public Administration fro the University of Khartoum, Diploma of Local Administration from the Institute of Local Administration in Cairo, MA degree in Public Administration, Pensylvania, State University in the United States of America, PHD in Development Planning and Management, Pensylvania, State University USA. He is member of the National Election Commission 1998 – 2008, Secretary General at the National Assembly 1996-1998, Secretary General, Transitional National Assembly 19921996, Secretary General, Khartoum State Goverment 1989-1992, Member and Secretary General, National Election Commission 1985-1989, Secretary General, Northern Region Government 1984-1985, Head, Research and Studies section, Ministry of Local Governments and Community Development.