Invitation for Local and Foreign Observers for the General Elections of 2015


1/ According to Chapter Eleven, and Articles 104,105 and 106 of the National Election Act of 2008 amended in 2011 and in 2014 , and to guarantee a fair , free and transparent elections; the National Elections Commission invites all registered political parties, states, international and regional organization , civil societies and individuals desirous to participate in the observation of the General Election of 2015 to apply either directly to the National Elections Commission or on line, or through the states higher committees . Regulations and Code of Conduct  and application forms in both Arabic and English languages  could be found in the booklet of Regulations of Observation of General Elections which is posted on the National Elections Commission website

2/ The National Elections Commission will receive applications for observation as of 1st Nov. upto 31st Dec 2014